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Damon Bradley Summer Menu

Damon Bradley is arguably Southbanks foremost dessert bar, located in the Southgate precinct on the first floor opposite italian favourite Tutto Bene. It has been built on a firm foundation of passion and from the moment you step inside you know this is something that is a lifelong dream. With such a vast array of decadence to choose from it is hard not to get excited.

The inpiration for the name of the venue stems from a chance encounter by the owner Eileen Galea. In a Devon Cottage in an old bookshelf she found a tattered journal, a collection of newspaper clippings and scribbled notes from the titular Damon Bradley himself. In his journal he told of his fascination with travel and his love of desserts, resonating with Eileen, she came back to Australia and began researching the world of desserts and has poured all her collective knowledge and love of food into every sweet tooth’s dream.

Damon Bradley - Summer Menu

Damon Bradley – Summer Menu

The 20-page menu may seem a little daunting at first, a cavalcade of cakes, waffles and ice-creams but there is quite literally something for everyone. For those in the mood there are also matched wine and ‘stickies’ options available throughout the menu along with the prerequisite luxurious teas and a good drop of coffee…the list seems endless and the temptation to try them all is hard to resist other than the threat of lapsing into a diabetic coma.

To celebrate the start of the summer season and the good weather hitting, Damon Bradley have also released a bonus Summer Menu collection. Featuring a more refreshing twist it includes new drinks, salads and more dessert options and is all available for take-away for those office workers in the area or just those passing by wanting a fruity smoothie to enjoy on their walk along Southbank.

Damon Bradley - Summer Drinks and Summer Salad

Damon Bradley – Summer Drinks and Summer Salad

The drinks are something special, perfect for a hot summer in Melbourne. With flavour combinations including Raspberry with Hibiscus, Coconut with Lemon and Basil or Passion-fruit, Pineapple and Peach it’s a tough decision to make. On this occasion we opted for the Watermelon, Strawberry and Guava and were not left disappointed, the touch of mint throughout and the refreshing flavours were perfect. There’s also some Iced Tea options including a Rose, Strawberry and Lavender version that sounds intriguing and will be tried on my next visit.

A new salad options for those on the menu serves up some curried beans or potato and bacon flavours but it was impossible to turn down the chance to try the Summer Salad. With a rocket and spinach salad base, it is then taken into a new level with cucumber, strawberries, raspberries, pistachio nuts and crumbled feta and finished off with a drizzle of balsamic and some edible flowers. The whole thing was exquisite, fresh, great balance from the sweet and tart fruit combined with the balsamic and the feta, just enough crunch from the nuts and a gorgeous looking plate of food just crying out to be eaten. My only wish would be for slightly more feta as it really did help bring the whole thing together, but perhaps my love of feta is just making me greedy.

Damon Bradley - Perfectly Purple

Damon Bradley – Perfectly Purple

The pièce de résistance though is their wonderfully titled Perfectly Purple. At just under $20 it may seem like a hefty price for a dessert, but like other menu options, once you reel off the list of luscious ingredients it becomes more than apparent that it is going to be worth every cent. Sure they may have opted to reduce the cost slightly by dropping one or two of the ingredients off and it would have still been a nice dessert, but there is no getting away from the pure indulgence that this offers and I think the right decision was made.

As you can see from the photo, this is one sexy looking dessert and the flavours add up to a taste like no other. A combination of black currant cheesecake, Belgian white chocolate and passion-fruit macaron is just as amazing as it sounds and as if that wasn’t good enough, throwing in a pile of fresh blueberries and raspberries to go with the vanilla custard and double cream just send this thing into orbit. Garnishing it with a macaron shell and edible flowers just makes it a sight to behold as well.

The ingredients actually balance really well, it isn’t actually sickly sweet and just asks for you to keep going back for another spoonful, each bite a new flavour combination from the last but just as delicious. Everyone needs to get along and try one of these while it’s available, you won’t be disappointed.

While this was attended thanks to an invite through Fuller PR and Damon Bradley, I have been here a few times now and have never been disappointed. I think perhaps the vastness of the menu means it lacks a little of that “artisan” feel sometimes, but there is no denying that the flavours are there and certainly an option for everyone’s taste-buds. I was actually really impressed by their Summer Menu additions, really enjoyed the freshness and am currently eyeing up a return to try the afternoon high tea.

Photos thanks to Liza M (Find her Instagram HERE)

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