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Melbourne Treats - Food, Drink and Lifestyle Blog featuring reviews of new openings and old favourites for Restaurants, Wine, Beer and Events.
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Originally from Perth, I travelled after University and that travel quickly became work, ending up as close to fourteen years in various parts of the UK. During that time I was lucky enough to travel through Europe and North America and my love of good food, wine and craft beer began to flourish, helped in no small part by trips to France and a period of time spent in central London.


Eventually, life led me to move to Melbourne and I can honestly say I don’t regret it at all, this is an amazing city with so much to see and do, not to mention more than a slight obsession with food and drink (let’s be honest, there aren’t many cities in the world where you can overhear so many people discussing food) and it’s refreshing to talk with others who share this passion, be it other bloggers, the front of house staff of a local restaurant, the craft brewers honing their latest batch of bottled merriment or just someone keen on producing the best local produce they can.


Why start Melbourne Treats?


There are already a myriad of blogs out there, so it may seem like adding another one isn’t the easiest thing to do, let alone figuring out how to stand out from the crowd. Truthfully, this wasn’t started out of anything other than a personal wish to channel my growing passion into a creative outlet. Having said that, I do hope that readers appreciate an honest opinion, find the reviews helpful and see this blog as a friendly place to come visit for ideas or to even discuss the latest venues around Melbourne.


I wasn’t aiming for a clone of other blogs, I just wanted something that was mine. Writing was where I felt I could express myself, photography being a bit of a “work in progress” skill set for me so I wanted to find a balance of them both – I wanted my posts to be informative, convey the ups and downs, with pictures there to help capture the experience and adventure and to provide a familiar ground for those who appreciate a more visual blog in this TL;DR world we live in.


I don’t consider myself a food critic as such, more a food appreciator – I tend to always look for the good in everything. I will point out where things don’t quite measure up, (or I may as well start a P.R. company up instead), but I’m not going to try and offend people just for some extra publicity.  I’d like to think i’m fair given i’m happy with a $10 plate of noodles from a local Chinese restaurant as much as a $200 a head degustation menu, as long as the food and service is good then that is all that counts.  I’ll try and keep an eye on what’s new as well as visit some Melbourne favourites.


While the blog title gives away that the focus will be in and around Melbourne, there will also be plenty of articles and maybe even some guides when travelling, as well as good finds of wine and beer from elsewhere in Australia and further afield.


Code of Conduct:


As with anything in life, it is important to have ethics and integrity when people need to be able to respect, value and trust your opinion.  With this in mind, Melbourne Treats will always strive to be open and honest with respect to any content that appears on this site. Unless specified otherwise, everything in this site is paid for out of my own pocket and the article will always state clearly where events were free invites, or where reviews of products are of free samples.  


There is no reason to compromise on reviews however and regardless of if it comes out of my own pocket or not, I will still review things with an honest opinion and constructive criticism, being as fair as can be, always looking for positives but never overlooking the negatives – after all I hope any feedback will be taken on board by the venue as much as readers.  Any guest articles submitted and published will also be clearly noted.


It is worth noting I am offering up genuine reviews and as such, articles will not be overly negative for the sake of publicity, after all this is someone’s livelihood and passion being commented on and I will show that the respect it deserves.


The Photography:


Unless otherwise noted, all content including pictures is my own work.


One of the main issues with food photography is achieving good images in low light restaurants while being as non-invasive as possible – I hate flashes, not only does it piss-off other patrons, it also gives terrible colour balance of the food. For this reason, despite the occasional fallback option of a mobile phone (typically my Galaxy S6), my default camera is now a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100-II.  This is an amazing camera, a huge 1” chip and an amazing f1.8 aperture, almost unheard of in anything this compact. This gives me the best chance of getting reasonable photos even in the most “atmospheric” restaurant conditions and while i’m far from a pro-photographer hopefully the pics you see here will continue to improve.


Please get in touch if you wish to use any photos.


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